About us


Our vision is to get customers' absolute trust and professional culture of distinction. Thus, Ultimate Tek Solutions abides to continue development, innovation, and distinction in providing customers services.

Our Competencies:

Ultimate Tek Solution Staff consists of software development experts, professionals in accounting software implementation, specialists in market studies as well as clients requirements with the help of competent staff specialized in services provision in different technical and assistant jobs.

Figures and Numbers:
  • 40 Systems and more included in Onyx Pro 2015 Software package developed by Oracle Database to be linked and integrated together. Needed by business enterprises all different sectors.

  • 20 and more Systems are included in MotakamelPlus 2 Software package developed via MS SQL Server Database. They achieved strong performance and flexible integration between them.

  • 20 Training Hours at average provided for client to learn what the user must know.

  • 16 Countries, in which thousands of clients use Ultimate Solutions Software and in which we have offices or representatives.
  • Development:

    For solution development and clients service, UltimateTek Solutions depends on several in-depth studies and continuous researches about business practices in the market, tools of information and knowledge transfer, quality procedures, institutions structuring, labor legislations.. Etc. In addition to new technology and study of the engineers' notes and clients' requests at once to be the most important resources to develop our software and release updates. For more information, you can visit Onyx Pro Development.

    Software Update:

    UltimateTek Solutions provides updates for clients under the License Agreement of Use and Renewals. When the client wants his own updates only, the client's request shall be implemented as an independent project according to a special agreement for that.


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