Restaurant Management System
Functions and abilities

1. Recording bills of meals provided to clients such as Point of Sales works with high speed and accuracy.
2. Distributing orders of meals among the sections of the kitchen.
3. Creating a group of foods under a specific name so that a client can use it many times.
4. Reserving groups of foods for a banquet or occasion.
5. Compatible with all types of restaurants; prepaid tables, take away, delivery…etc.

Features of the system.

• Helping to provide fastest, most accurate and best service for all clients of restaurant.
• Organizing the tasks and orders between clients, waiters and kitchen according to modern standards and suitable to the policy of restaurant and its owner.
•Calculating the revenues of each section separately.
• Controlling and posting to the accounting systems.
• Capability of drawing the tables and sections as they are in reality.
• Capability of designing reports according to user needs and structure he wishes.
• Dealing with touch screens.
• Capability of composing a meal of several kinds of food (Combination Kind) and posting it as a combination kind or as separated ingredients.

Orion Management System

• Fast Food Outlets
• Bakery and sweet shops
• Café and Food Courts
• Ice cream Parlors
• Fine Dine Restaurants
• Dhaba

Features of Orion

• Multiple Rates for Menu items ( Take Away/ Dine In/Ac Rooms)
• Supports Touch Screen Terminals and Keyboard inputs for Billing
• KOT Printing with Support for Multiple Kitchen Printers
• Counter Wise Token printing in Single Billing
• Tab Order Taking to Reduce Turn Around and Accuracy in Order Taking
• Customised Bill Settings
• Support for Multiple Vat Rates and Service Tax
• Monitor Bill Payments
• Separate Login for Cashiers and Admin (Optional Hardware Lock for Admin Login)
• Monitor staff Performance
• SMS Integration
• Hourly Sales Report for Owners by SMS
• Sales Report by Item/Department /Stewards
• Stock Management and Daily Stock Reports
• Recipe Master
• Raw Material Consumption Report
• Lan and Multi User Support
• Manage Employee Salaries, Advances and Attendance
• Remote access for Owner for Sales Reports


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